How Maddie Overcame Being Born with Cerebral Palsy

    Maddie was born with cerebral palsy. However, she never let it affect who she has become as an adult. Maddie just graduated from St. Cloud Apollo High School and participated in volleyball and track and field during her high school career, but what many people didn’t know was that she overcame a lot as a toddler to be able

Brianna’s UCP Story

  Brianna made a fateful decision on a subzero night in the winter of 2013. The decision to leave friends after an argument and to walk in the snow cost her dearly. Brianna ended up in knee-deep snow and her body began to shut down after walking for 45 minutes. She ended up suffering severe frostbite and lost her fingers

Massage Therapy

When you hear the word “massage,” what words come to mind: Relaxation, comfort, release? Generally, I think of these words, but in reality the words that actually ring true for me are concentration, naked, and weird. However, I do feel good afterwards, so during my birthday week, I treated myself to a massage. The routine is always the same—lie on