Missing Opportunities to Do the Right Thing

Families that include handicapped family members know that even the simplest tasks – like getting groceries – can be a struggle. Even without issues like limited mobility, gaining some perspective and understanding from the outside world is no easy feat. Brian Myres – father to a disabled son and friend of UCP– shares a recent story of one company that

Brianna’s UCP Story

  Brianna made a fateful decision on a subzero night in the winter of 2013. The decision to leave friends after an argument and to walk in the snow cost her dearly. Brianna ended up in knee-deep snow and her body began to shut down after walking for 45 minutes. She ended up suffering severe frostbite and lost her fingers

Opening The Door To Opportunity

This summer I was invited to volunteer at a Joni & Friends Family Retreat which offers an oasis for families who have a member with a disability. Our main meeting room was an auditorium called The Anchor which had tiered seating. I walked in the first day and immediately noticed a problem: there were no railings. Suddenly, I found myself