UCP Of Central MN is honored to be gifted with used equipment. Call the office 320-253-0765  to arrange a time to make your tax deductible donation.  Equipment must be in good working order.


Call the office 320-253-0765 to arrange a time to view and try out the equipment.  There is no cost or paperwork required.  We do not warranty or guarantee any of the donated equipment.  It is provided free of charge.

Please check back on this page often, we will post donated items as they become available.


Child Size Wheel Chair

Customize power wheel chair with 2 batteries. Oxygen tank holder mounted on back.

Freedom Concepts AS 2000 Adaptive Bike

Adjustable knee brace

Elbow brace

Man’s back brace

Woman’s back brace

Weighted rehab bowling pins

donated by  SPOT Rehabilitation

We have a person that would like to donate the mini van they used for his mother.  It has been custom fitted with a rear entry wheelchair ramp.  The van runs, but needs some maintenance.

This is a free donation, recipient must pay license, title transfer and sales tax.  The van is a donation to a family in need.  The son will be in MN for 2 months July-September.

Standing climber

donated by  SPOT Rehabilitation

Z-Flo Fluid Position pads and covers

Pull down bar

donated by  SPOT Rehabilitation

Adult walker

donated by  SPOT Rehabilitation

1 pair adult forearm crutches

1 pair child forearm crutches

donated by  SPOT Rehabilitation

Shampoo and Conditioner

Desk top computer, keyboard, mouse, and all cords needed (no monitor)

Memory donated by our Community Partner Dijital Majik Computer

Back support

donated by  SPOT Rehabilitation

Adult cane

donated by  SPOT Rehabilitation