UCP Of Central MN is honored to be gifted with used equipment. Call the office 320-253-0765  to arrange a time to make your tax deductible donation.  Equipment must be in good working order.


Call the office 320-253-0765 to arrange a time to view and try out the equipment.  There is no cost or paperwork required.  We do not warranty or guarantee any of the donated equipment.  It is provided free of charge.

Please check back on this page often, we will post donated items as they become available.


Child size adjustable height stand/sit walker pony

Sit/stand with desk top

Child size lay out swing

Small Child size walker

Child size walker

Wheel Chair

Customize power wheel chair with 2 batteries. Oxygen tank holder mounted on back.

Truck/van mounted lift

Adjustable knee brace

Elbow brace

Man’s back brace

Woman’s back brace

Shampoo and Conditioner