Your Gift Changes Lives.

UCP of Central Minnesota does more than fund programs. Our team walks along side our clients on their journey; we have celebrated accomplishments and cried tears of frustration with our clients. We have witnessed life changing events.

When it’s the moments that counted, that changed lives…

A Child’s face filled with joy when she realized she would be receiving an adaptive bike. A grant from UCP covering a porting of the bike cost would ensure she would be able to bike with her sister and would no longer be left behind.

A Mother cried tears of joy when they hear the words “I love you” for the first time, ‘spoken’ by her son utilizing a UCP assistive technology communication device.

A Caregiver learned his mother living with Dementia could stay safely in her home utilizing assistive technology such as the BeClose system through UCP’s demo and loan program.

A Father dying of ALS said goodbye to his children and loved ones utilizing an iPad, a modified pointer and mounting system from UCP.

…UCP Was There.

UCP has helped thousands of people in our community, yet there are many clients still lacking basic needs. Please give a life changing gift today. Your contribution will be used wisely and go to support individuals and  families in the greatest need.

Your gift allows UCP to grow  programs & services people desperately need.



Many ways to make a difference!

  • Volunteer An hour of your time spent at UCP is one way you can support our community. Attending events, answering phones, helping the way that works for you. If you have the time, we will find ways you can help and feel good about it.
  • Donate Needed Supplies Copy paper, postage stamps, and cleaning supplies are all expenses that are necessary to operate UCP, but also come with an expense. Reducing expenses allows UCP to spend more money on needed programs.In-kind donations allow more money to go towards needed programs and help our community.
  • Sign up at Op4g and take online surveys.  A donation will be made in your name to UCP.  Go to
  • Try using www.GoodSearchcom as your search engine when shopping on the Internet.  Businesses make a donation to UCP-CM based on the percentage of their sales.  List UCP-CM as your favorite charity.
  • Recycle your used clothing and shoes into the WearEver recycling containers and help UCP! Containers are located throughout the state of Minnesota. Visit  to locate a container near you.
  • Host a Wear Ever Recycling Box If you know of a great location for a clothing container, just let us know and we will contact the business.