How We can Help

We provide services in several different ways:

  • Services provided through the state waiver system, private insurance, private pay
  • Direct services referrals
  • Community Events

Services we provide

  • Transportation coordination including buses, taxis, community services
  • Chore Services Coordination including lawn work, snow removal, PT, OT, moving, cleaning, and many many more
  • Home Accessibility and Assistive Technology for automation, safety, and communication assessments in the home
  • Home Remodels including ramps, bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms, hallways for accessibility and safety
  • Assistive Technology equipment and training for communication, personal safety and home automation
  • Purchasing of items for safety or accessibility to promote long term independent living such as air conditions, weighted blankets, adaptive livingware items, therapy music, outerwear, ipads and so much more




How can we help you?*


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