What can people racing on stationary bikes accomplish(besides having a blast) in the middle of winter?

They Make Change Happen!

What are we fundraising for?

UCP has recently been awarded grants from the Centracare Foundation and the Benton Telecommunication Foundation for our Assistive Technology Mobile Experience Center. These grant funds will allow UCP to purchase, customize and staff a travel trailer that will provide assistive technology demonstrations and education, in a real-life environment, across Central MN.

The Assistive Technology Mobile Experience Center will allow those with disabilities easy access to cutting edge assistive technology and will also provide opportunities to test the technology, experiment with various combinations and ind solutions with case managers and health care professionals in real time. For many people, these person-centered, real time, real life solutions have been completely out of reach and now, through the Mobile Center, these solutions will become reality.

All this project needs in order to be 100% complete is funding to purchase the assistive technology equipment that will be placed in the Mobile Experience Center. So this year, the funds raised through Stuck In Motion will be used to purchase that assistive technology. Help us reach our fundraising goal of $20,000 and the Mobile Experience Center will be 100% complete and on the road in the Spring of 2018.

How does Stuck In Motion work?

Teams and riders raise pledges for their participation in the event. Pledges are collected and turned in the day of the event, then we race for prizes and to raise awareness in our community.

How to be a part of Stuck In Motion

In order for Stuck In Motion to be a success UCP relies on many volunteers, riders and team captains – people just like you. Here are few ways you can make Stuck In Motion better than ever!

  • Be a Team Captain. This is the biggest need for Stuck In Motion – more teams means more fun and more funds raised. A Captain recruits a total of 8-10 riders for their team. Each rider must raise a minimum of $100 of support. Request a Team Captain Packet and get all the details!
  • Be a business sponsor or find a business sponsor. Business that sponsor Stuck In Motion make this event a fun and exciting day!
  • Join a team. Every team needs riders. Be a hero and race for a team. You can win great prizes, sponsorship dollars for your team’s total and have GREAT TIME.