UCP is passionate about equal rights for all, especially those who are meeting the challenges of living with a disability in Stearns, Benton and Sherburne counties and, more recently, throughout the state of Minnesota.

UCP provides services, advocacy, needed resources and tools our clients. Clients served by UCP are all ages with various needs and abilities.

4 Main Objectives

  1. Inclusive Community: Advocacy, Integrated Community Living, Employment Equality, Early Childhood Education
  2. Collaborative Services: County Waivered Services, Insurance Reimbursements, Care Service Brokerage
  3. Accessibility: Home Modifications, Education & Resources, Service Coordination
  4. Innovation: University Collaborations, Life Labs (bringing people together to design and develop needed items such as a cup that won’t spill but rocks and disperses only 1 ml of liquid at a time), Community Innovation Centers.
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