Bridging The Gap

I recently had the opportunity to have an in-depth conversation with a friend of mine who also lives with a disability. As we were talking, I realized something very unique was taking place…we actually could relate to one another’s experiences. I found it refreshing, nourishing even to find someone else who could really understand on a personal level what it


“So, you have two children, right?” I asked with interest. “We have two children now.” He paused, looking down at the floor. “We had three children. My wife had some troubles during her first pregnancy. Our daughter didn’t live past six months. She would have been a senior in high school this year.” Our conversation stopped for a moment. We


I surveyed the stairs that were leading to my friend’s door. They were covered with ice and had no railing. I began to wonder, how am I going to make it into their house? While looking around for an answer, two gentlemen come around the corner from the garage to rescue me from my predicament. One says, “Jenny, let me

Why Do I Like To Read

“What do I like to read?” My friend looked at me, repeating the question I had just posed to him and then looked away to think for a moment. “I don’t think I’ve read an entire novel since the ‘90s…” It’s no secret—I love to read! With February tagged as I Love to Read Month, I’ve been considering the reason


A few weeks ago while out on a walk, my precious 4-year-old niece, Tizi, looked up to me with her smiling brown eyes and asked, “Who’s your husband?” “I don’t have a husband honey.” I answer. Needing more information to understand my response she continues,“Then who do you have at your house to love you?” “I don’t have anyone at


It’s January 29th. 1/12 of 2012 is already almost over. How are you doing on accomplishing your New Year’s resolutions? I didn’t officially make New Year’s resolutions, but if I had, they might look like this: 1. Exercise consistently 2. Keep my house clean 3. Stretch my leg muscles Those are quite idealistic. To be honest, resolutions that I may

Frustrated by Fatigue

Frustrated by Fatigue I have always been a huge fan of DC Comic’s classic character The Flash. Ever since middle school when I was given the nickname Flash, my fascination was piqued by the Scarlet Speedster. He’s fast, wears a stellar costume, and has to be smart: hey, he’s one of the few members of the Justice League of America

Are You Ready for Some Football?

Are you ready for some football? “Jenny, do you know who Adrian Peterson is?” My colleague asks me while sitting in the teacher’s lounge. “Hmm…” I ponder, “He plays for the Vikings right?” These types of exchanges are common in my daily life because in my world there are no sports. I doubt I could identify a picture of Brett

Are Stairs Really The Enemy?

I am fortunate to be able to say that the experience of climbing stairs has been pretty easy for me. I was raised in a four-level home and traversed stairs all the time. I zipped around campus as a college student and rarely used an elevator. Just give me a railing to hang onto and a back pack to carry

Is Your Life Off Track?

“Our society is geared to growth, development, and progress. Life, for most of us, is a race to be won. Families are about evolution: at a certain age, children are encouraged to leave home, get married, have children of their own, move on in their lives. But people with disabilities have no such future. Once they have reached a certain