Here’s To Teachers Who See The Awesome

I was an awkward teenager. I didn’t know how to style my hair; I didn’t own any make-up, and I was completely clueless when it came to boys. They simply weren’t on my radar screen. It’s as if I have always been a “librarian in training.” I wore sweaters to school, had glasses on my face, and I spent too

What it feels like to be stared at in public

I’ve been starred at by men and women alike in public. It’s an odd thing, catching the eye of someone observing the way I walk. When it’s a woman, she’s usually elderly and experiencing some kind of mobility issue herself. There’s this weird moment of one-upmanship where she glances at me from head to toe, giving a nod that says,

Two Great Books & One Unbelieveable Podcast

Dear Readers, My little hiatus from blogging was much needed, but I’m glad to be back writing on a bi-weekly basis for UCP-CM! I hope you had a good summer. Mine was filled to the brim and zoomed past all too quickly. With another school year off and running, I thought it might be nice to share with you two

If The Shoe Fits

“Do you think you can fix a pair of leather sandals?” I asked the repair man over the phone. “Sure! I’ve been in the business for years.” I brought my sandals to his shop and set them on the counter in front of us. Silence filled the room. I watched him struggle to remain composed, professional. “I’ve never seen shoes

Wailing Woman

I had just stepped into the bathroom when I heard her. We were both in the lobby of a clinic for adults with permanent disabilities. Graciously, I walked in the door that morning. She was wheeled in, under the constant care of an attendant, orthotics strapped to her ankles and calves. The skin on her knees was severely chapped. I

The Elephant In The Room

Disability is the elephant in the room. Talking about disability is awkward. Writing about disability is awkward. Both attempts usually bring about a silence that is…awkward! When people do engage with it, I usually get one of two responses; one from adults: “I just don’t see you that way.” And one from kids: “Miss Hill, I saw you. You were walking

Being Thrown A Life Raft

Growing up, everyone told me that cerebral palsy was not progressive. I, in turn, believed that how my body moves and feels was going to stay the same my entire life. Cerebral palsy is not progressive, but my body sure feels different than what it did even ten years ago. Sure, I’m aging, but is something else at play? After

Love Keeps No Record of Wrongs

Lately I’ve felt trapped in a conversation that seems to be going on in stereo around me at the lunch table: everyone seems to be talking about having kids: pregnancy, breast feeding, field trips, doctor’s appointments, lunches. It’s a beautiful conversation really. Many of my colleagues have within themselves the capacity to teach children during the day and then turn

Massage Therapy

When you hear the word “massage,” what words come to mind: Relaxation, comfort, release? Generally, I think of these words, but in reality the words that actually ring true for me are concentration, naked, and weird. However, I do feel good afterwards, so during my birthday week, I treated myself to a massage. The routine is always the same—lie on

A Winter Without A Fall

It’s hard to notice things that aren’t there, but one day I suddenly realized that I hadn’t fallen once all winter! I know winter isn’t over, we’re not even half-way through March, but considering I usually fall at least once a month, this seems reason to celebrate…..and to wonder. How could my falling possibly change from a monthly occurrence to