*Desktop minimum packaging fee is $125.00 *Laptop minimum packaging fee is $140.00
Costs for additional requirements or specialization of the computer are subject to additional fees.

To Qualify one or more of the Following is needed & Proof of disability or state aid is required.

A) Have a disability that is recognized by the Americans with Disabilities Act

B) Have a family member that has a recognized disability living in your residence

C) Low income or be receiving state financial aid based on need.

A minimum of $75 down payment is due with the application.
(If you use the online form, you will be contacted for payments options)

All remaining fees are due on or before the pickup/shipment of the computer.

Recipients are responsible for picking up the computer. If you do not pick up your computer, $20 of the down payment is non-refundable for processing fees. If you would like your computer shipped to you: Shipments are subject to all costs associated with shipping including $10.00 for packaging and must be paid for in advance.