What is a Disability?

dis·a·bil·i·ty /disəˈbilədē/

a physical or mental condition that limits a person’s movements, senses, or activities.

For over sixty years, UCP of Central Minnesota (UCP) has empowered people living with a silent or physical disability to live a life without limits. UCP works with all disabilities, not just Cerebral Palsy.

UCP provides services, advocacy, needed resources and tools our clients. Clients served by UCP are all ages with various needs.

UCP may enable a senior with dementia to stay safely in their home instead of a care facility, help a Veteran return to work by automating a home office, advocate for children in schools and empower adolescents as they transition to adulthood to be self advocates.

Keeping a senior in their home or helping a child with Autism stay safe; UCP is an innovative, high-tech organization that will work for you.