This is Water

“I wish someone would have told me that adulthood was living the same day on repeat,” I found myself confessing to a colleague one day in the teacher’s lounge. “You needed someone to tell you that Hill?”  He stated at me with surprise. I nodded in disappointment. The thing is: I used to lay in bed at night as a

Why I need people to cheer me on.

Last summer, my sister-in-law ran a 5K in Nisswa, MN.  The rest of us sat on the sidelines, drinking coffee, cheering her on.  When she finished she suggested that we all run it next year as a family. I’m not a runner. But I do thrive on achieving long-term goals. After I completed 16 weeks of doctoral level coursework this

For Ladies Only: How Cerebral Palsy Impacts Pelvic Exams

I was an undergraduate in college when I finally relented to undergoing the “dreaded exam.” It knew it involved being naked and vulnerable. It knew it was “the healthy thing to do.” I knew I had menstrual cramps that were excruciating. What I didn’t know was that my cerebral palsy would make this exam significantly more challenging. I didn’t know